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Uppsala Reports is the UMC's regular news bulletin for everyone concerned with the issues of pharmacovigilance. If you wish to go on the mailing list please send your details to info@who-umc.org, specifying whether you prefer the digital pdf version or the print edition. Click on the links below for a pdf.

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The latest edition of Uppsala Reports features several articles from China: differing reflections on the WHO medicines and vaccines meetings in Tianjin and the ISoP annual meeting which immediately followed. There is also news from other parts of the world: Peru, Oman, Spain, Morocco, Ireland and Zanzibar, and an introduction to new WHO Programme member Bhutan. An article examines the aims and challenges of the new WEB-RADR project, while the completeness of ICSRs in VigiBase is covered in reports from Vietnam and Uppsala. You can read about the ISPE conference in Taipei and recent researchers who have visited the UMC. The UMC’s senior specialist Mohamed Farah’s fascinating life is spot-lighted, and the edition begins as ever with a message from UMC Director Marie Lindquist. 
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Uppsala Reports 67 – October 2014
The October 2014 edition highlights vigiRank, the UMC's new method to screen databases of individual case reports for possible new safety signals. There are reflections on this year's WHO Advisory Committee for Safety of Medicinal Products from Marie Lindquist, news of moves to promote convergence in Africa and reports of new educational initiatives from Lareb and ISoP. Our 6-monthly look at trends in the WHO ICSR database focuses on completeness versus quantity. There's also a feature on human factors and pharmacovigilance, the usual message from UMC Director Marie Lindquist, an introduction to several new publications, and much more. 
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Uppsala Reports 66 – Juy 2014 
Our July 2014 edition takes a look at the history of, and some recent developments in patient reporting of adverse events. The WHO global ICSR database has reached nine million reports, and we have an update on making information in it available to the general public. We look at the UMC research conference and UMC pharmacovigilance course in May, have news from several countries in the WHO Programme and updates on vaccines initiatives. Marie Lindquist and Ambrose Isah have been recognised with honorary fellowships from Royal Colleges in the UK, and the MHRA’s ‘Yellow card’ celebrates 50 years. Plus the usual message from UMC Director Marie Lindquist, thoughts from recent visitors to Uppsala, and much more.
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Uppsala Reports 65 - April 2014 
Our April 2014 edition features an interview with Clive Ondari, Coordinator of the WHO-SAV (Safety and Vigilance) team in Geneva, along with a series of reports on UMC research, including the latest PhD. The six-monthly review of trends in the WHO global ICSR database focuses on quality. There are articles summing up the Monitoring Medicines project and looking forward to improved patient safety in multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. Around the world UR65 visits India, Nigeria, Morocco and Mauritius, and looks at recent developments in the Arab League. There is a report on a recent meeting about thalidomide and we note the passing of Laurie Mashford, Peter Jacobs and Ronald Mann. Plus the usual list of forthcoming meetings, a message from UMC Director Marie Lindquist, and much more.
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Uppsala Reports 64 - January 2014   
Our January 2014 edition contains overviews of activities and plans from four regions around the world: Africa, Asia–Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America, as well as the new collaboration project within the EU, SCOPE. News updates come from Angola, Korea, India, Ethiopia and Viet Nam, among other countries. A response from Singapore on genetic markers, vaccine safety developments, and newly downloadable UMC publications also feature.
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