Master thesis projects in data science

Do you want to participate in research that can benefit patients all over the world? Uppsala Monitoring Centre has two open positions for master thesis projects in data science, starting in fall 2020.

Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is a dynamic non-profit that works to improve the safety of medicines throughout the world. UMC manages and analyses the WHO global database of more than 21 million case reports of suspected side effects from patients and healthcare professionals in more than 130 countries. This puts UMC in a unique and internationally recognised position to detect safety concerns associated with medicines.

UMC is opening two master thesis positions in the fall of 2020. We are looking for creative and driven students with a keen interest in statistics, machine learning, deep learning or natural language processing (NLP). The two projects are centred around building a knowledge base of indications for a large number of medicinal products. “Indications” are the medical conditions leading to somebody taking a medicinal product (for example, if you suffer from a headache and take paracetamol to calm it down, “headache” is the indication for paracetamol). This knowledge base, if produced with good quality, will help us remove confounding data from our analyses and thus help us improve the quality and precision of our safety monitoring activities.

One project will aim at parsing Structured Product Labeling (SPL) texts (regulatory documents containing information to healthcare professionals about medicinal products) to automatically detect the indications. With this project, you will develop your NLP competence and learn to use state-of-the-art deep-learning architectures in this context.

The other project will use our own database of safety reports of medicines to extract valid indications, which are voluntarily reported by safety officers, doctors, and patients from all over the world. Indications gathered this way will provide a better understanding of how medicines are used and will, therefore, allow us to also collect the most common off-label uses of medicines. With this project, you will develop your statistical thinking and your machine learning knowledge.

Who you are

More about UMC

Our vision is a world where all patients and health professionals make wise therapeutic decisions in their use of medicines. Our mission is to support and promote patient safety through effective global pharmacovigilance practice.

Located in the heart of Uppsala, three minutes away from the rail and bus stations, we are currently around 120 employees and consultants. We are a centre of scientific excellence, and our data science research has been internationally rewarded and recognised within the pharmacovigilance field. For more information about our activities and products, visit

How to apply

If you have questions about the position, contact Lucie Gattepaille, senior data scientist and team manager, on +46 (0)18-65 60 60.

You are welcome to submit your application (CV, motivation letter and copy of grades) in an e-mail entitled Master-Fall20 at, by 14 June 2020 at the latest. We can provide distance supervision if social distancing constraints are still in place.

Last modified on: May 8, 2020