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UMC is committed to improving the health and welfare of patients and communities by helping to make the use of medicines safer and more effective, and by protecting patients from the harm that medicines can cause. It is important and challenging work; it requires people with energy, intelligence and vision.

UMC employs over 100 staff - pharmacists, doctors, researchers, system developers, sales and marketing staff, coding specialists, communications and product specialists, secretaries/assistants - working in several fields:

There are a variety of opportunities available here for those who want to work in a dynamic and challenging office environment.

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For students

Working on your thesis at UMC is an opportunity to develop and extend your learning in a challenging field of social importance. For those with the talent, it could be the first stage of a longer relationship with UMC.

MSc Opportunities at UMC

Science is a high priority at UMC; working with the research team can offer a rich environment for motivated MSc students. In addition to VigiBase, the unique WHO global database of individual case safety reports, we are also working with several other major healthcare data sets.

We are actively seeking highly motivated and ambitious MSc students. We are able to provide projects primarily within the areas of data mining, computer science, text mining and clinical projects.

For enquiries please contact us at

Opportunity for system developer
See attached file for a description and application details for a system developer


Last modified on: November 7, 2018