Your rights

Knowing what data we process about you

You have, according to current law relating to personal data, the right to request information once a year, free of charge, about any personal information relating to you and held by us as controller, regardless of how this information is gathered. Requests for such information must be made in writing.

The UMC currently charges a cost price to make a subject access request. Once a year you have the right to request information free of charge.

The request must be sent to Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Box 1051, SE-75140 Uppsala, Sweden.

UMC acts both as controller and processor. UMC is only responsible for subject access requests in its role as a controller.

Correct incorrect data and object to processing

If your personal data is handled in opposition to current laws relating to personal data you have the right to ask that the personal data is corrected, blocked or deleted.

You also have the right at any time to recall an approval regards the handling of your personal data. Note however, that a recall of this type will mean that you may no longer be able to use the UMC Services. Observe that you may have got access to the UMC’s services as part of your employment or contract with an organisation who has an agreement with UMC.

You have the right to object processing of your data when we claim legitimate interests. You then need to specify what your objections are. If we still claim legitimate interest, we need to prove our position to continue process the information.

If the data are processed due to direct marketing you always have the right to object.

Right to be forgotten

We never save data longer than needed. Some data is discarded directly, others are stored for a longer time depending on the data to be used and our statutory obligations.

You have the right to get your information erased without unnecessary delay if:

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Last modified on: May 29, 2018