Working for the greater good

As an independent, non-profit foundation, we are dedicated to advancing the science of pharmacovigilance and achieving the safer use of medicines for patients everywhere.

Our team now consists of over a hundred people: pharmacists, doctors, researchers, system developers, sales and marketing staff, coding specialists, communications and product specialists, support staff, all in expert teams: global pharmacovigilance, research, information technology, communications, sales and marketing, finance and administration.

UMC staff are constantly in the field, meeting, teaching, and learning about member countries' needs for support and resources. UMC staff participate in conferences and workshops and are involved in policy and practice development with groups such as CIOMS, ICH, ISoP and the Erice communications process.      

Our internationally recognised research team has extended the boundaries of knowledge in several fields, most notably disproportionality analysis, scanning and analysis of large databases, and identifying risks in the search for signals of potential harm from medicines. The team carries out research in all areas of UMC activity, such as safety signal detection, data management, information technology, and pharmaceutical informatics including the WHODrug dictionaries. Read more about our WHODrug work here.

We provide data, reference, consultative and training resources to medicines agencies, health professionals, researchers and to the pharmaceutical industry all over the world.

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Last modified on: June 7, 2019