UMC departments

This chart illustrates the organisational structure of UMC.

Customer Engagement

The Customer Engagement staff interact with new and existing users to ensure they understand the WHODrug products available, as well providing guidance on the appropriate subscription framework. The role includes facilitating support for technical or content questions received from users, as well as developing and overseeing external training provided by WHODrug experts.

Finance & Core Services

FCS facilitates (or includes) the areas Finance, Human Resources, Sales and order administration, Legal Affairs, Secretarial Services and internal support.

Products & Services

This business unit is responsible for the development and operations of the portfolio of products and services designed to meet the needs of the WHO Programme and the WHODrug customers. They work in close collaboration with the end-users incorporating the advances from UMC research to enable the best possible products and services. The business unit covers the area of product management, system developments, service delivery and WHODrug production, training and support.


The mission of UMC’s Research department is to explore the risks and benefits of medicines, advancing the science of pharmacovigilance. This group is responsible for UMC’s scientific development and signal detection, as well as our training and education in these areas.

Global Services

Global Services assesses needs and provides scientific and operational support, education and training to existing and future member countries of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring (WHO Programme), to academic institutions, and adjacent stakeholders.

Global Communications

This team raises international awareness of pharmacovigilance and associated issues and promotes UMC, its activities and initiatives through dynamic multimedia strategies.

Last modified on: June 7, 2019