Putting patient safety first

For over 40 years we have been at the centre of worldwide efforts for safer and more effective use of medicines.

A brief history

UMC was established in 1978 to support the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring, which began in 1968 as a global response to the thalidomide tragedy. The progamme sought to collect information about the adverse effects of medicines from as many sources as possible around the world, to ensure that the first signs of possible danger from medicines would not be missed.

Today, most countries have active, well established systems for monitoring the safety and use of medicines. UMC has played a major role in creating, developing, and supporting those systems. Our research team has also been a leading driver of global pharmacovigilance theory, practice, and methodology.

All this helps to protect patients from harm and to guide both patients and health professionals towards wise therapeutic decisions.

For an in-depth history...

You can read a comprehensive history of UMC and our hopes and goals for the future in the book, Making Medicines Safer, published in 2018 for our 40th anniversary.

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Last modified on: September 17, 2020