Meet the staff

The talented team at Uppsala Monitoring Centre. If you would like to contact a member of our staff we use the convention firstname.lastname <@> (remove diacritical marks and use the same character in its unmarked form)

Marie Lindquist, MSc, PhD, Hon FRCP, Director

Pia Caduff, MD, PgD PV, Anaesthesiologist FMH, Chief Medical Officer

Monica Plöen, BSc Pharm, Head of Pharmacovigilance Collaborations, Global Outreach Secretariat

Global Communications

Alexandra Hoegberg, MJ, Team Manager, Global Communications

Matthew Barwick, MA, Communications officer & Video producer

Geoffrey Bowring, BA, WHO Programme Co-ordinator

Graeme Nadasy, BA, Communications Officer & Editor

Gediminas Norgèla, MSc, Multimedia Designer

Gerard Ross, BA/LLB, Communications Officer & Editor

Federica Santoro, PhD, Communications Officer

Finance and Core Services

Birgitta Lindner, CA, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Finance & Core Services

Maria Näsström, System Controller/Administrator

Zhurong Liu, BSc, PhD, China Liaison Officer

Karin Bodmark, Accountant Assistant

Christina Larsen, Accountant

Anneli Ahlsén, Administrative Assistant

Anette Sahlin, Executive Assistant

Carin Ström, Corporate Secretary, Human Resources Administrator

Marie Wallin, Course Administrator

Human Resources

Eva Sundman, BSc, Head of Human Resources

Johanna Andersson, Human Resources Specialist

Legal Affairs

Azra Hessington, Head of Legal

Customer Engagement & License Coordination

Anders Gräns, MSc, Head of Customer Engagement & License Coordination

Jessica Avasol
, Customer Engagement Manager and Validation Administrator

Therese Cocks, Junior Controller

Stewart Devine, BSc, MSc, Customer Engagement Support and Sales Communication Coordinator

Anna Mattsson, BSc Pharm, Support Executive

Åsa Molin, BSc, Project Manager & Customer Engagement Manager Russia and CIS market

Yoko Yoshimoto Tyrefors, MCom, Regional Manager - Japan

Xiaochen Zhang, BA, Customer Engagement Manager

License Coordination Team

Motoko Kinoshita, MA, License Coordinator

Sofia Örnberg, License Coordinator

Malin Lind, License Coordinator

Cecylia Wojcik, License Coordinator

Heléne Gustafsson, License coordinator

Products & Services

Johanna Eriksson, Chief Information Officer, Head of Products & Services

Jenny Jansson Liikamaa, Business Process Manager

Product Management

Nike Meder, Pharmacist, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Jessica Nilsson, BSc Pharm, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Emma Rofors, MSc Pharm, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Helena Sköld, MSc Pharm, Product Manager

Systems & product development

Jonas Ahlkvist, MSc, Head of Systems & product development

Matilda Ahnfelt, MSc Med Biol, Agile Coach / Scrum Master

Jonas Avelin, BSc, PhLic, PhD, Software Developer

Tomas Bergvall, MSc, Software Developer

Marcus Börling, Software Developer

Kerstin Ersson, MSc, Software Developer

Paul Franzon, Software Developer

Arvid Gräns, Software Developer

Mikael Gustafsson, Software Developer

Jason Johansson, Software Developer

Mats Jonsson, MSc, IT Architect

Bas Kloppenborg, Software Developer

Martin Levin, Software Developer

Mikael Nilsson, MSc, Software Developer

Per Nyberg, MSc, Software Developer

Julia Ribbing, MSc, Software Developer

Ziring Tawfique, MSc, Software Developer

Shalini Tharakan, MSc, Test Manager

Magnus Wallberg, MSc Eng Phys, Software Developer

Malin Zaar, Pharmacist, Test Manager

Klas Östlund, Software Developer

Information & communications technology

Ali Bahceci, Network Technician

Johanna Hartman, System Administrator

Andreas Söderman, System Administrator

Anders Viklund, MSc Pharm, System Administrator

WHODrug & Terminologies

Malin Fladvad, MSc, PhD, WHODrug Product Portfolio Manager

Jenny Adamsson, BSc Pharm, Terminology Specialist

Marilina Castellano, MSc Pharm, Product Specialist

Damon Fahimi, MSc Pharm, Products & Outreach Manager

Anna Frisk, MSc Pharm, Terminology Specialist

Susanna Johansson, BSc Pharm, Terminology Specialist

Jenny Klint, BSc Pharm, Terminology Specialist

Olof Lagerlund, MSc Pharm, PhD, Substance Expert

Anna Siemiatkowska, Terminology Specialist

Sara Strese, MSc Pharm, PhD, Terminology Specialist

Mao Söderberg, MSc Pharm, PhD, Product Specialist

Eva Svärd, Pharmacist, Herbal Terminology Specialist

Sohye Yoon, BSc Pharm, MSc Public Health, Product Specialist

Global services

Anna Baumgarten, MSc Pharm, Team Manager

Deliana Aboka, MSc Pharm, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Carina Akerhei, MSc Pharm, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Salvador Alvarado López, MD, MSc Public Health, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Heloísa Ricci Conesa, BSc, MBA, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Magnus Ekelo, MSc Pharm, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Therése Lundin, MSc, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Jennifer Wall, MSc, Pharmacovigilance Officer

Helena Wilmar, BSc Pharm, Pharmacovigilance Officer


Niklas Norén, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Head of Research

Ingrid Lönnstedt, PhD, MSc, Data Scientist

Team Alpha

Kristina Star, RN, PhD, Team Manager, Researcher

Marian Attalla, MSc Pharm, Research Pharmacist

Rebecca Chandler, MD, Medical Doctor

Eva-Lisa Meldau, MSc, Data Scientist

Lovisa Sandberg, MSc Pharm, Research Pharmacist

Ruth Savage, MB BS, MSc (Clin Pharmacol), Medical Advisor

Henric Taavola, PhD, Data Scientist

Sarah Watson, MSc Pharm, Research Pharmacist

Alem Zekarias, MSc Pharm, Research Pharmacist

Team Beta

Johan Ellenius, PhD, Team Manager, Researcher

Elki Sollenbring, MSc Pharm, Education & Training Specialist

Nadja Jastrebova, MSc Pharm, PhD, Specialist, Pharmacovigilance Consulting

Johanna Stenlund, MSc Pharm, Education & Training Specialist

Lucie Gattepaille, PhD, Data Scientist

Oskar Gauffin, MSc, Data Scientist

Birgitta Grundmark, MD, PhD, Medical Doctor

Sara Hedfors Vidlin, MSc, Data scientist

Anna Hegerius, MSc Pharm, Research Pharmacist / Specialist, Education and Training

Sara Hult, MSc, Research Pharmacist

Daniele Sartori, MSc, Intern (Research Pharmacist)

Camilla Westerberg, BSc Pharm, Research Pharmacist

Yue, Qun-Ying, MD, PhD, Medical Doctor

Last modified on: December 31, 2019