Annie & Mac travel the world

Annie and Mac’s Adventures – Uppsala Monitoring Centre’s comic book on pharmacovigilance – is currently being piloted in several countries and the feedback will be implemented in the coming number.

Annie & Mac travel the world

“We have not completed the evaluation yet, but the response we received so far is very positive. We know that children in different parts of the world  and the magazine fun and exciting, and at the same time they learn about medicines,” said Paula Alvarado, head of Global Communications at UMC.

The organisation launched Annie and Mac’s Adventures as part of its communication efforts to drive behavioural change in relation to medicines.

“Hopefully, the children will bring this new knowledge back to their homes and contribute to everyone ́s better understanding of the benefits and risks of medicines”.

Annie and mac Jordan

Annie and Mac Jordan 2


The comic is the first in a series aiming to explain medicines safety to a young audience. Written by Fredrik Brounéus and illustrated by Paul Crumacker, the story follows Annie and her pet hummingbird Mac on their heroic attempt to stop evil Count Erfeit from producing and selling fake medicines.

“We tell some of the best stories to each other every day. That ́s how we learn, share and build a community. Stories help us shape knowledge and remember it!” added Alvarado.

Annie and Mac Armenia

Annie and mac Malaysia

Children in Armenia, Cabo Verde, Jordan, Malaysia and Uganda received the first issue of the comic as part of an initial pilot phase. A second issue of the comic is planned for autumn 2017 and will explore the topic of antibiotic resistance. Paula, Fredrik and Paul are now hard at work to incorporate feedback from the pilot countries and create new storyline and illustrations that are both educational and fun - a fine balancing act.

UMC aims to publish two comic books per year. Story ideas are welcome!


For more information, contact Paula Alvarado, UMC’s head of Global Communications, on

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