Going Further Together - UMC Film

In collaboration with award-winning journalists at Miran Media, UMC has produced a series of short documentaries focusing on challenges and success stories of pharmacovigilance in five countries across the globe.

Going Further Together - UMC Film

"Going further together" is the main documentary in which all five countries and Sweden – UMC's homeland – are featured. The documentaries focusing on the individual countries will soon be made available on UMC's YouTube channel.

In pharmacovigilance, our work must be truly global in order to detect patterns of medicines-related harm across continents. But at the same time, we must not lose sight of local conditions that impact medicines safety on the ground.

In “Going further together”, we’re taken on a global journey. Guided by local pharmacovigilantes, the audience is offered a glimpse into medicines safety issues in Cabo Verde, Morocco, Singapore, Peru, and Croatia. Each country faces unique challenges and makes progress in different areas; together they paint a picture of global patient safety.

Watch the full documentary below:

Alexandra Hoegberg
Alexandra is a communications officer at Uppsala Monitoring Centre and editor of Uppsala Reports.

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