Conferences have the potential to change the ways we think and act for the better. On this page are events for which UMC has a major responsibility.

Meeting, sharing and learning

UMC staff take part in numerous international conferences where our specialists present UMC’s latest research and thinking. The global event calendar lists where you’re likely to find us.

Uppsala Forum

Some of the best minds in pharmacovigilance meet at UMC's biennial conference. Uppsala Forum is a venue for the latest research and for practical solutions to current challenges. The next forum is taking place in May 2020.

Uppsala Forum

WHO Programme Annual Meeting

Each year the Annual Meeting of Representatives of National Pharmacovigilance Centres takes place in a member country of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring.

42nd Annual Meeting

Date: 28 October to 1 November 2019
Location: Bogota, Colombia

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ISoP Annual Meeting

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) is an international scientific, non-profit organisation aiming to advance the science and practice of pharmacovigilance.

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Next: 19th Annual Meeting

Date: 26-29 October 2019
Location: Bogota, Colombia

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Global event calendar

View the global event calendar to learn about upcoming pharmacovigilance conferences around the world.

Global event calendar

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