Uppsala Forum

Future paths for pharmacovigilance

A cutting-edge research conference

UMC's biennial conference, Uppsala Forum, is an important meeting-place for pioneering research and new ideas.

The expert Uppsala Forum audience concentrates on three areas: research, policy and practice. The purpose of their gathering is to push back the boundaries of current knowledge, to explore innovative solutions to complex problems, and to inspire creative thinking and practice.

Uppsala Forum 2016: Pharmacovigilance's role in rapid access to safer drugs

The need to develop and rapidly deploy new treatments tests the limits of traditional pharmacovigilance and demands new thinking and practice. How can pharmacovigilance contribute to the safety of patients using new drugs when rapid access is of paramount importance?

The 2016 meeting focused on the desirability of rapid access to drugs, the practical and theoretical challenges, the social and individual benefits and harms, and the role that reformed pharmacovigilance might play in supporting optimal use of new medicines. The topics were extensively and frankly discussed with vivid evidence and experience presented.

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Last modified on: April 12, 2019