Asia-Pacific Pharmacovigilance Training Course

The Asia-Pacific course takes place in India each year.

The Asia-Pacific course offers a programme to about 30 professionals each year, organized by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission. 

Participants study topics essential to effective pharmacovigilance, including sessions to strengthen the performance of members of the WHO Programme, such as pharmacovigilance best practice and tools, signal detection, regulatory aspects and reporting culture.

There is also a management component to help participants improve their capacity to bring about sustainable change in their countries. Issues related to health economics, communications, fundraising and risk management are covered. Training, built around lectures, workshops and hands-on exercises, takes place in an open and engaging environment.

6th Asia-Pacific Pharmacovigilance Training Course

Date: 24 February - 7 March 2020
Location: Ghaziabad, India
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Last modified on: October 22, 2019