International pharmacovigilance training course

Join us in Uppsala, Sweden, for our long-established annual pharmacovigilance course.

“It is wonderful to interact with people from across the world and to learn from each other and get new ideas” – Hanlie Steyn of North West University, South Africa

UMC’s unique course, established in 1993, welcomes around 30 participants to Uppsala in May each year.

“Now I have the whole picture of what everyone is doing and how everyone is working towards one common goal: safety of medicines” – Francisco Sierra Esteban of INVIMA, Colombia

UMC has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and after careful consideration has decided to postpone the annual pharmacovigilance course until next year in view of the current situation and the efforts of public health authorities in affected countries to control and prevent the disease from spreading further. The dates for the deferred 22nd UMC pharmacovigilance training course are 17-28 May 2021.

Participants study topics essential to effective pharmacovigilance, among them pharmacovigilance management tools, terminologies, signal detection, causality assessment and pharmacoepidemiology.

This course is tailored for representatives of national and regional pharmacovigilance centres and is also suitable for representatives of public health programmes. 


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Last modified on: September 17, 2020