International pharmacovigilance training course

Join us in Uppsala, Sweden, for our long-established annual pharmacovigilance course.

“It is wonderful to interact with people from across the world and to learn from each other and get new ideas” – Hanlie Steyn of North West University, South Africa

UMC’s unique course package covers all essential aspects of pharmacovigilance, and has served pharmacovigilance professionals from across the globe since 1993.

“Now I have the whole picture of what everyone is doing and how everyone is working towards one common goal: safety of medicines” – Francisco Sierra Esteban of INVIMA, Colombia

UMC’s long-established pharmacovigilance course strives to further develop effective and sustainable pharmacovigilance in all countries, by creating a unique opportunity for learning and collaboration. Course participants study topics essential to effective pharmacovigilance, among them pharmacovigilance management tools, terminologies, signal detection, causality assessment, reporting of adverse drug reactions, quality of adverse drug reaction reports and different aspects of communication in pharmacovigilance.

The course is tailored for representatives of national and regional pharmacovigilance centres, and is also suitable for representatives of public health programmes. The lectures, and practical exercises are given by seasoned pharmacovigilance experts from UMC, WHO and other well-renowned organisations.

The 2020/2021 course to be held online in spring 2021

The 22nd International Pharmacovigilance Training Course, which was due to take place in May 2020, had to be postponed until the following year due to COVID-19. The 22nd course is now set to take place online from March to May 2021, and will be delivered at a part-time study pace, in several modules consisting of self-paced parts and scheduled live online meetings.

Please note that only applicants who were accepted on the 2020 course are offered places at the course in 2021.

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Last modified on: October 22, 2020