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UMC now provides this online course to complement our international PV courses and to aid those who wish to learn from anywhere in the world.

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Online Pharmacovigilance Training

There is a global need for training in pharmacovigilance. UMC has therefore developed a new online course on signal detection and causality assessment. This topic is frequently requested when PV centre staff are asked about training needs.

The course follows a microlearning approach so the content is divided into modules which are further divided into lessons. Each lesson is short, concise and connected to a clear learning objective. Transcripts are available as an aid to those with limited knowledge of English and these can also be used to quickly review the content of each lesson without watching it. There will also be a quiz at the end of each lesson to check if the student has understood the content.

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Online WHODrug Training

Access to Online WHODrug Training is provided to users with a valid WHODrug license. The course provides basic knowledge about WHODrug content, structure and its different formats. Participants will also be introduced to the basic coding concepts necessary to record data using WHODrug. 

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