Questions about the online courses? Check these FAQ's for solutions to some common problems.

General FAQ

  1. Q: I have already signed up but I’m unable to log in again. How do I proceed?
    A: The registration page and the log in page are different. Once the registration has been completed, please log in here.
  2. Q: I have completed all modules, so can I get a course certificate?
    A: Yes, please go to Training history in the left menu to print your course certificate.
  3. Q: Will access to the courses expire after some time?
    A: No, access will remain until further notice.   
  4. Q: Will additional courses be made available on the learning platform?
    A: More courses may be developed in the future.   
  5. Q: Will the course be made available in other languages?
    A: English and Spanish subtitles are available for the courses, and UMC is considering the possibility of adding other language subtitles.

Introduction to WHODrug FAQ

  1. Q: I'm not sure if I have a UMC username and password to access the WHODrug User Area. Can you help me?
    Users with a valid WHODrug license are provided with an account to access the WHODrug User Area. If you are a WHODrug user, you should have received an e-mail to activate your account. If so, try using your email address as username and in case you have forgotten your password, reset it by clicking Forgot my password at the log in page.
  2. Q: How do I request an account to access the WHODrug User Area?
    You are welcome to contact us at whodrug@who-umc.org
  3. Q: How do I log in to the WHODrug User Area?
    Please log in here to access the WHODrug User Area.
  4. Q: How do I register for the Introduction to WHODrug course?
    The registration page for the course Introduction to WHODrug is located at the WHODrug User Area. Please log in here to access the WHODrug User Area.
Last modified on: June 19, 2019