Pharmacovigilance training at arm’s reach

In response to the global need for training in pharmacovigilance, Uppsala Monitoring Centre has developed a series of e-learning courses covering different aspects of the science of medicines safety.

E-learning courses 

UMC’s e-learning courses take a micro-learning approach, with short, concise lessons connected to clear learning objectives. Most courses are taught in English, with subtitles in English and Spanish. Upon completing a course, the learner is awarded a digital certificate that can be printed.

The self-paced e-learning courses are open free of charge to those working at pharmacovigilance centres. For other groups, the courses will be made available for a fee from 1 September 2021. The introduction of fees is necessary to facilitate the sustainability and development of our online learning platform. It will also ensure that UMC offers a broad collection of e-learning courses to anyone in the world with an interest in pharmacovigilance.

Enrolment to all e-learning courses is paused until 1 September 2021 to allow for smooth implementation of the payment system. Learners already enrolled in a course can complete their courses without paying any fee. A new course catalogue will be made available from 1 September 2021 to indicate course content and fees.

Please note: Courses will continue to be free of charge to WHODrug subscribers and those working at pharmacovigilance centres. For prospective learners from this group, please contact us ( and inform us which centre you work for so that we can assist you.

Introduction to pharmacovigilance

30 min (1 module)
Audio: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish

Pharmacovigilance is needed to address the limitations of clinical trials and the burden of adverse drug reactions on patients and health systems. This course introduces the aim, scope, and history of pharmacovigilance. 

Signal detection and causality assessment

1 hr 35 min (4 modules) 
Audio: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish

In four modules, this course teaches the basic concepts and skills of signal detection and assessment, disproportionality analysis, and causality assessment for both single case safety reports and case series.

Statistical reasoning and algorithms in pharmacovigilance

30 min (1 module) 
Audio: English 
Subtitles: English, Spanish

What value do statistical reasoning and algorithms have in pharmacovigilance? This course addresses that question, and explores disproportionality analysis and how to compute different measures of disproportionality.

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E-learning for paying WHODrug subscribers

WHODrug subscribers can access the e-learning course Introduction to WHODrug, using their subscription login credentials.

Introduction to WHODrug

6 hr 5 min (9 modules) 
Text: English

This introductory course gives WHODrug users a basic understanding of WHODrug and its different formats, including the coding concepts necessary to record data using WHODrug Global, as well as how coding affects data retrieval.

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Last modified on: July 15, 2021