Getting patients involved in medicines safety

The Take&Tell campaign encourages patients to report when things go wrong and to discuss the problem with their health provider. Take&Tell was developed by Uppsala Monitoring Centre, and the campaign website, theme song and brochures are freely available for anyone to use.

The Take&Tell campaign is directly aimed at patients, providing them with basic information about how adverse drug reactions occur and what to do if their medicines don’t have their intended effect. Its main component is the website, which offers an easy overview of key information and links to the song.

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When information about adverse drug reactions is reported, patient risk can be reduced or prevented in the future. Together, we can improve patient safety and public health – and reduce costs. Involving patients directly in this process – empowering them with the knowledge they need – is an important step in the right direction.

Visit UMC's YouTube channel for all different versions of the song. The original is in English, as is the reggae version. There is also a Mandarin Chinese version and a Spanish version set to a Latin-rhythm tune. And we have created subtitles to the original, in Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, and simplified Chinese.

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How can pharmacovigilance and healthcare professionals use Take&Tell?

The campaign materials can be used to raise awareness of adverse drug reactions and encourage patients to open up a dialogue about any ADRs they may experience. For example, you can use the music videos to spread information on social media, together with a link to the website. Or you can download the printable versions of the brochures and print your own copies to hand out in, for example, doctor’s offices.

UMC's communications team is happy to answer any further questions you may have about how you could use this information material.

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Last modified on: November 10, 2020