VigiFlow is a web-based individual case safety report (ICSR) management system that is available for use by national pharmacovigilance centres of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring.

VigiFlow supports the collection, processing and sharing of data of ICSRs to facilitate effective data analysis.


Manual data entry from ADR paper forms can be performed with support from integrated international terminologies (latest versions) such as WHODrug and MedDRA.

ICSR data can be shared and exchanged (both import and export) in a harmonised format (as ICH E2B XML-files) with external stakeholders, such as pharmaceutical companies and public health programmes, and with the WHO global database of individual case safety reports, VigiBase.

VigiFlow is compliant with the international ICH E2B standard and maintained by UMC in Uppsala, Sweden.

VigiFlow is available to national pharmacovigilance centres, but it is not mandatory to use for reporting to VigiBase.

UMC charges a licence fee for VigiFlow, determined by the World Bank Atlas method.

Technical information

Since VigiFlow is a web-based system no local installations, back-ups or maintenance are necessary, however it means that internet access is required and no off-line functionality is available. Internet access is encrypted and all data stored in VigiFlow is accessible only by authorised users. 


eReporting is an optional module for VigiFlow. The eReporting module allows for seamless electronic reporting from patients and health care professionals and therefore reduces the workload of manual data entry from ADR paper forms into VigiFlow.

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Last modified on: November 10, 2020