UMC seeks and welcomes collaboration to deepen and broaden the impact of our research.

We value collaborations.

As in much successful scientific research, collaborations in pharmacovigilance bring together the diverse strengths of individuals and organisations to find solutions to complex problems. UMC staff greatly value such opportunities. The research team has long worked across national and regional borders in multi-disciplinary scientific projects, while colleagues from other teams have been involved in joint training and development projects around the world.

Collaborative projects have been funded by the EU and other official bodies, as well as non-governmental organisations and UMC itself. On these pages you’ll find past and current projects representing an ambitious range of objectives related to the safer use of medicines.

Current collaborations

UMC is involved in two major collaborative projects with external partners: WEB-RADR (Recognize Adverse Drug Reactions on the Web) and OHDSI (Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics).

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Previous collaborations

Monitoring Medicines, PROTECT, OMOP and SALUS.

More about previous collaborations

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