Previous collaborations

Previous UMC collaborations have been with groups such as Monitoring Medicines, PROTECT, OMOP, and SALUS. There’s a brief summary here and links to websites for full information.


PROTECT (Pharmacoepidemiological Research on Outcomes of Therapeutics by a European Consortium) was a collaborative European project funded through the European Commission. The overall objective was to strengthen the monitoring of the benefit-harm of medicines in Europe. In order to achieve this, PROTECT was designed as a comprehensive and integrated project aiming to develop and validate a set of innovative tools and methods.

Monitoring Medicines

The full title of this was ‘Optimising drug safety monitoring to enhance patient safety and achieve better health outcomes’. The aim of this global project was to learn more about the underlying reasons why adverse effects from medicines occur, and what more could be done worldwide to reduce patient deaths and the negative impact of undetected medicines safety problems.


The Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP), was established to facilitate the appropriate use of observational healthcare databases for studying the effects of medicinal products. It focused on examining comparative analytical methods and their ability to identify true associations and avoid false findings across disparate data sources; and on the development of associated research tools and establishment of a shared, common resource for researchers.


The aim of the project was to enable effective integration and utilisation of electronic health-record data to improve post-market safety activities on a proactive basis. Direct support for health professionals in identifying adverse effects and reporting them was an integral part of the plan.

Salus was the Roman goddess of safety and well-being. The impossible title of the project was ‘Scalable, Standard based Interoperability Framework for Sustainable Proactive Post Market Safety Studies’.


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Last modified on: September 17, 2020