UMC Signal review panel

Meet the volunteer consultants who support UMC with clinical expertise in our signal detection process.

Reviewing the evidence

Medicine-adverse effect combinations selected for further review during UMC’s screenings of VigiBase may be sent to members of the Signal Review Panel for in-depth assessment (read more about UMC’s signal detection process here). Members investigate the VigiBase case reports, review the literature, and consider the strength of evidence for the adverse effect being caused by the suspected medicine. The objective of this assessment is to provide data and arguments so that a decision can be made as to whether or not there is a credible signal to be communicated.

A signal is made available in VigiLyze as a summary report and subsequently in the WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter. Some UMC signals are also the subject of research papers or posters published or displayed elsewhere.

Dr Ariel E Arias, Canada, Infectious diseases & Biotherapeutics 
Dr Joanne Barnes, New Zealand, Herbal and traditional medicines
Dr Anna-Lena Berggren, Sweden
Prof Marc Blockman, South Africa
Dr Ian Boyd, Australia, Pharmacovigilance
Prof Alfonso Carvajal, Spain, Clinical pharmacology
Prof Imti Choonara, United Kingdom, Paediatric clinical pharmacology 
Prof Andreas Cerny, Switzerland, Hepatology, Infectious diseases (vaccines)
Dr Raquel Herrera Comoglio, Argentina, Internal medicine
Prof Richard Day, Australia, Clinical pharmacology, Rheumatology  
Dr Rick Fraunfelder, USA, Ophtalmology   
Dr Richard Hill, Australia
Dr Geraldine Hill, New Zealand, Pharmacovigilance
Dr Staffan Hägg, Sweden, Psychiatry, Clinical pharmacology
Dr Ambrose Isah, Nigeria, Clinical pharmacology, Internal medicine
Dr Sylvia Kardaun, Netherlands, Dermatology 
Dr Nilima Kshirsagar, India, Clinical pharmacology


Mariano Madurga, Spain
David B Menkes, New Zealand, Academic psychiatry
Dr Ronald H B Meyboom, Netherlands 
Prof Eugène P van Puijenbroek,
Netherlands, Clinical pharmacology 
Prof Tamás L Paál, Hungary, Gastroenterolgy 
Dra. Rosa Maria Papale, Argentina
Dr Martin Pfeiffer, Germany 
Dr Robert Pless,
Dr Emilio J Sanz,
Spain, Psychiatry, Clinical pharmacology
Dr Viola Macolić Šarinić,
Croatia, Clinical pharmacology (pharmacogenomics)
Dr Ruth Savage,
New Zealand 
Dr Debbie Shaw,
United Kingdom
Dr Michael Tatley,
New Zealand 
Dr Mauro Venegoni,
Dr Ermelinda Viola,
 Italy, Musculoskeletal disorders
Dr Mónica Tarapués,
Ecuador, Pharmacovigilance

Dr Li Zhang, China, Herbal and traditional medicine, Endocrinology

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Last modified on: March 25, 2021