Annie & Mac's Adventures

Children will love to learn about safer use of medicine with Annie and Mac

Meet Annie and Mac – the new pharmacovigilantes on the block

This pharmacovigilance comic book is the Uppsala Monitoring Centre’s latest communication project. It is intended to reach young minds and teach children important information about medicines safety.

Aimed at readers aged 9-13, and those with a beginner’s knowledge of English, Annie & Mac’s adventures follows the lead characters as they explore different aspects of adverse effects and safer use of medicines.

“Children are great teachers and have the capacity to influence their communities. By giving them early access to information we are tapping into their capacity to drive change,” says Paula Alvarado, head of Global Communications at UMC.

Through the pages of the comic’s first issue, we’re taken through an action-fuelled chapter where Annie and Mac set out to stop the evil Lord Fake from producing and selling fake medicines. This is followed by colourful activity pages, and the issue ends with a chapter where Annie irritates her entire family as she explains how adverse effects happen by pretending that her parents and brother are different body parts.

“We went through quite a few protagonists and side-kicks before Annie and Mac stepped into the picture. She is inquisitive and brave, and Mac is an eagle in the body of a hummingbird. Together they make the perfect team to tackle important issues about the safer use of medicines,” writer, Fredrik Brounéus said. 

UMC plans to test the comic in different countries and then discuss a distribution plan with those interested. After an initial pilot phase, UMC will translate the comic into a few other languages, and expand the cast of heroes to include lead characters from different parts of the world, in order to properly reflect the diversity of the global pharmacovigilance community. In May 2018, we published a second edition of the comic in which characters were redesigned and improved based on feedback we received.


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Download pdf of issue 1 here

Download pdf of issue 2 here