Telling your doctor when things go wrong will lead to safer medicines and better health for all.


Take an active part in protecting your health

The Take&Tell campaign encourages patients to report when things go wrong and to discuss the problem with their health provider. There’s a song, an app and materials to download.

Rather than suffer in silence, you should tell your doctor or pharmacist when a medicine makes you ill or doesn’t work. When information is reported about adverse effects, harm to patients can be reduced or prevented in the future. We can improve patient safety and public health – and reduce costs.

The campaign was developed by UMC, and its theme song, app, and brochures are freely available for everyone to use. The Take&Tell information material, such as brochures and posters, may be downloaded and printed for use by anyone.


What is Take&Tell?

A song

Listen to the soul song and sing along in different languages on the website or on UMC's YouTube channel

An App

The App helps you take notes about your side effects, day by day.


You can download all Take&tell brochures and material from the website. Great discussions with children, patients - and everyone taking medicines. 



Learn about reporting adverse effects

Do you know what adverse effects (commonly known as side effects) of medicines are and why it's important to talk to your doctor about them? The Take&Tell song is a good place to start.

Visit UMC's YouTube channel for the English-audio version with subtitles in Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, and simplified Chinese, as well as a version completely in Mandarin Chinese.


View Take&Tell on YouTube

Visit the Take&Tell website

Read more about the safe use of medicines, listen to the Take&Tell song, and download material in English, French, and Spanish.

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Download the app for free

Download the app for your smartphone or tablet – it helps you note down your adverse effects, day by day.

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