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The custom search service provided by UMC is performed upon request. If a specific request cannot be performed in VigiLyze, WHO programme  member countries can use this service free of charge. Other stakeholders can use the custom search services to request a limited set of data for specific studies or projects for a fee. The information is available for healthcare professionals such as physicians, dentists and pharmacists. Medical expertise is required to determine the clinical relevance of the findings in VigiBase data and to highlight potential confounding issues.

As with all pharmacovigilance reporting databases, it is appropriate to use VigiBase data for generating but not for testing hypotheses. The data in VigiBase are subject to reporting biases, duplication, confounding issues and heterogeneity, over time and across regions. In addition, access to information on global use of a medicine can be limited. Furthermore, the number of reports with a drug and ADR can be subject to lower or higher levels of under-reporting than with another drug with the same ADR. VigiBase reports cannot be treated as (a sample from) a population of patients, as one does in a clinical trial or an observational study. You can read more in the Study guideline. Retrieved  VigiBase data  needs to be handled according to the terms and conditions stated in the Caveat document.

UMC will customise the query and output depending on the purpose of the request. Examples of the custom search outputs we can provide are found here. For price quotes and more information contact us with your question at

Read Caveat document Read the Study Guideline

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Last modified on: February 24, 2021