VigiLyze is evolving

VigiLyze is being transformed to optimise national pharmacovigilance processes for efficient signal detection and insights into safety-related issues.

Our search and analysis tool is set to become even more powerful, making it the preferred application for all national pharmacovigilance centres. In the new VigiLyze you can analyse pharmacovigilance data more efficiently and be a part of the global knowledge network of WHO Programme members.

VigiLyze will be the centrepiece of the network, offering the latest information and access to your colleagues around the world while at the same time allowing you to analyse your national data with the help of global data.

The new VigiLyze was launched on 14 May 2019, and all users can instantly benefit from the improved functionality and start to analyse and document their findings in one place.

The new VigiLyze retains all its existing features and includes even better analysis and process support than before. For around six months during the transition period, users will still have access to the old VigiLyze.

The relaunch is accompanied by a webinar series designed to explore the possibilities opened up by the new interface and answer all your questions. A separate webinar invite will be sent to all current VigiLyze users.

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Last modified on: September 14, 2020