VigiLyze is evolving

VigiLyze is being transformed to support optimal processes within national PV systems for efficient signal detection and insights of safety related problems.

We are striving to make VigiLyze being the go-to application for all National PV centres to efficiently analyse PV data and take part in the Global knowledge network of WHO programme members. VigiLyze will be the centre of the network, offering the latest information, access to your colleagues around the world and at the same time allowing you to analyse your national data with help from the global data of the network.

The existing VigiLyze will be replaced in mid-2019. The new VigiLyze will have all the appreciated functionality from before but will also include improved process support, enabling PV centres to utilise it as their daily analysis tool. After the first re-launch of the system, we will continuously work on the functionality to move towards the vision.

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Last modified on: January 3, 2019