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WHODrug Insight Change Request WHODrug Koda Change Analysis Licence validation

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WHODrug Access Manager WHODrug Files Download

 In our User Area you will find User Guides, Version Verifications, webinars and much more to support your WHODrug experience.

 Try the WHODrug Koda web app for a limited number of terms (200). 

Try WHODrug Koda

WHODrug Koda

WHODrug Koda is a powerful and fully automated drug coding assistant that uses AI and advanced algorithms for more efficient and consistent drug coding. It is available now as an add-on to your existing WHODrug Global subscription.

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Before getting started

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License Validation 

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WHODrug Insight

WHODrug Insight, the new WHODrug browsing tool, was developed to increase efficiency when coding and analysing medications in clinical trials and safety reports.

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Change request

Is there a medicinal product name missing from WHODrug? Or do you have questions regarding a pre-existing record in WHODrug? Submit a Change Request here.

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WHODrug Access manager web application

How to manage access to WHODrug applications and services.

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Change Analysis Tool (CAT)

CAT enables users to analyse the impact of data changes from one version of WHODrug to another.

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