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In order to meet regulatory CDISC SDTM expectations for electronic submissions of study data, Uppsala Monitoring Centre has, together with the active involvement of WHODrug user representatives, launched new, improved dictionary formats: the B3- and C3-formats. UMC is also taking actions, again with valuable input from the user community, to facilitate the transition.

WHODrug Support

WHODrug users have full access to our dedicated WHODrug Support. Please contact us at WHODrug@who-umc.org for any questions.

Guidelines and Webinars

Learn more about the upcoming B3/C3 formats by both reading our latest documents and accessing/watching our recorded webinars respectively held in February and November 2016:

Follow this link to our webinar library at the User Area to download related slides and find out more. 

WHODrug Change Analysis Tool (CAT)

As a help to predict the workload involved, WHODrug CAT offers the possibility to assess the impact of upversioning to the B3-format. Click the buttons below to either read more or to watch our videocast to learn more on how WHODrug CAT can support you in the transition to the new B3/C3 formats.

B3/C3 upversioning and WHODrug Change Analysis Tool

Watch WHODrug CAT videocast

More UMC resources

UMC also offers to update company specific synonym lists to be compliant with the automated Drug Code changes in the B3/C3-formats. Ordinary changes related to ATC alterations and similar will not be handled by UMC unless separately agreed to. Please consider that the UMC assistance gives best effect if done prior to B3- or C3-format upversioning. If the synonym list is updated before the B3/C3-format is implemented, the number of manual changes are substantially reduced. Contact us at WHODrug@who-umc.org for more information.

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Last modified on: November 28, 2020