B3/C3 upversioning and WHODrug CAT

Assess all changes between versions (Option 1)

From March 2017, you are able to analyse changes between a version of the B2-format with the same or a later B3-format version and to generate a B2- to B3-format change analysis Microsoft Excel file with all modifications, deletions and inserts between the selected versions.

B2 to B3-format Drug Code changes text file

To further support upversioning, all Drug Codes changes between the selected versions can also be downloaded as a text file.

Assess impact on specific data (Option 2)

From March 2017, you are also able to assess the impact of the selected B3-format version on your own uploaded synonym list or study data. WHODrug CAT generates a B2- to B3-format change analysis Microsoft Excel file that, as in the option 1 output, gives you a detailed list of the new inserts and the modified and deleted records affecting your own data due to the B3-format implementation. A list of new exact matches for any uploaded verbatim terms is also included.

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Last modified on: November 28, 2020