Upgrading from WHODrug Enhanced to WHODrug Global

Goodbye, WHODrug Enhanced. From now on, WHODrug Global is the only dictionary available to our users.

So long, WHODrug Enhanced

WHODrug Enhanced was introduced in 2005 and mainly provided WHODrug users with information on non-herbal medications. The dictionary has now been discontinued and replaced by WHODrug Global. Older versions of WHODrug Enhanced will still be available to users, with the last release being 1 September 2020.

WHODrug Global – what is it?

Today, all organisations with a valid WHODrug licence have access to WHODrug Global data.

WHODrug Global is a comprehensive and standardised drug dictionary. It contains all of the information found in WHODrug Enhanced and additionally covers herbal medications. WHODrug Global was officially launched on 1 March 2017 and is now the only WHODrug dictionary available to all WHODrug users, harmonising data collection and and simplifying regulatory submissions. 

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What is the difference between the two dictionaries?

WHODrug Global is a more comprehensive dictionary. It features all the information found in WHODrug Enhanced and covers herbal remedies.

WHODrug Global is available in English and Chinese; WHODrug Enhanced was available only in English.

Both dictionaries have the same file structure. WHODrug Global is available in B3 as well as C3 format, and delivered to users as text and csv files. 

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Why WHODrug Global?

In October 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a notice in the Federal Register in which they stated that the use of the B3 format of WHODrug Global is required in submissions for studies starting after 15 March 2019. Furthermore, the U.S. FDA Data Standards Catalog has been updated with this information.

With the increased focus and recommendations of authorities to use WHODrug Global for coding of concomitant medications, UMC has decided to standardise and streamline its products and releases. By making all WHODrug data available in one dictionary and by releasing this dictionary twice a year, in March and September, we can simplify the use of WHODrug data for users and regulators.

How do I upgrade study data to WHODrug Global

When switching from WHODrug Enhanced to WHODrug Global, you can use our WHODrug Change Analysis Tool (CAT)  to see all dictionary changes between WHODrug versions  and assess their impact on specific data from one version of WHODrug to another.

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Which version should I use?

For both new studies as well as ongoing studies where study data is due to be upgraded, we recommend using the two most recent versions of WHODrug Global.

For any questions, please contact us at whodrug@who-umc.org

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Last modified on: November 28, 2020