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We are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and minimise error, especially when coding and analysing medications in clinical trials and safety reports.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

WHODrug Insight is new from UMC and helps you find the information you need to do just this. Quickly and easily. In an instant, the new Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) WHODrug browsing tool gives users the advanced search functions they need. Not only does it make creating, editing and storing Customised Drug Groupings (CDGs) far more efficient, it also provides direct access to all WHODrug data in one dynamic, easy-to-visualise overview.

“I am really looking forward to WHODrug Insight. It includes all the details that we require in just one page, easy-to-access and user-friendly” - Ranita Ahanthem, Senior Clinical Data Co-ordinator, Quintiles Research India Pvt. Ltd.

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