Subscription fees criteria

Subscription fees vary depending on each company’s needs, such as:

Definition of sites

For a WHODrug subscription, a site is the geographical location of your organisation. Your geographical site is where users of the WHODrug products are either physically located or contractually attached (if they are home-based employees).

Definition of users

Anyone who uses the WHODrug Data as part of their daily work activities, including personnel who manually code data or use auto-encoders.

Personnel who use the information to run analyses and create reports, that are based on the information (codes or texts) and the hierarchy of the dictionaries.

Personnel who make analytical interpretation based on the information (codes or texts) and the hierarchy of the Dictionaries, are considered users.

Payment Terms

Delivery of subscription materials is dependent on prior payment.

The prices quoted are exclusive of any foreign taxes including any consumption taxes (e.g., sale, use, or value-added).

Payment Methods

Payments must be made in Swedish Crowns (SEK). Payment information is provided on each invoice. Wire transfer is the preferred form of payment.

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Last modified on: January 3, 2017