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Attend our webinars to learn more about the WHODrug portfolio latest developments and to have an opportunity to ask questions live. The webinars are free of charge and open to all subscribers of WHODrug.

What’s New in WHODrug, March 2021

Description: Join this webinar to learn about the most recent enhancements and features in the March 1, 2021 release of WHODrug Global. This webinar will feature, among other topics, COVID-19 related WHODrug news, such as the updated COVID-19 vaccines nomenclature in WHODrug, and the release of a more granular version of the WHODrug SDG “Drugs and vaccines for COVID-19”; and the latest updates regarding WHODrug applications, including WHODrug Koda and the new member of the WHODrug Portfolio family: WHODrug Link Korea.

Meet WHODrug Link Korea: Developed to facilitate safety reporting to the Republic of Korea in compliance with the new E2B(R3) ICSR reporting requirements, the latest addition to the WHODrug portfolio family effectively converts codes from WHODrug Global to local Korean codes. WHODrug Link Korea is available as add-on to a WHODrug Global subscription from 1 March 2021. .
Date: Tuesday, 9 March 2021
Time: 9 AM and 5 PM Central European Time (CET)

Register at the User Area: 9 AM CEST* 5 PM CEST**

*For Asian region, your time will be: India 1:30 PM IST; China 4 PM CST; Japan 5 PM JST

**For the Americas region, your time will be: US East coast 11 AM EST; US Mid West 10 AM CST; US West coast: 8 AM PST

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