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Are you interested in learning more about the latest WHODrug news? Do you want to hear about how other organisations utilise WHODrug Global in their coding activities and data analysis? If so, then register below and take the opportunity to attend any of the upcoming WHODrug User Group Meetings.

Uppsala Monitoring Centre is proud to host a number of WHODrug User Group Meetings on a yearly basis, all around the world. Join these meetings to learn more about WHODrug and interact with other WHODrug Users. The WHODrug User Group Meetings include presentations from UMC regarding the latest developments and ongoing projects. They also provide a unique opportunity to network, discuss and interact with fellow colleagues in the industry. It is free to attend these meetings if you are working for an organisation with a valid WHODrug license.

For any questions regarding WHODrug User Group Meetings please do not hesitate to contact WHODrug@who-umc.org.

The WHODrug Team
Uppsala Monitoring Centre

European User Group webcast 

Thank you for your patience. Please find below the registration links and agendas for the remote MedDRA and WHODrug sessions that will replace the User Group meetings at the beginning of April. Please note that you have to register for the session you are interested in separately

WHODrug User Group webcast

When: 2 April 10:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST

Register in the User Area


10:00 Welcome and introduction, Damon Fahimi and Marilina Castellano
10:15 Coding: start with the end in mind, Pia Caduff, UMC
10:25 WHODrug SDGs in signal detection, Olof Lagerlund and Rebecca E Chandler, UMC
10:30 A new data-driven way to explore similarity among WHODrug DrugRecNos and MedDRA Preferred Terms, Lucie Gattepaille, UMC
10:35 Short Break
10:40 WHODrug Koda, Damon Fahimi, UMC, and Tayana Pierre-Louis, Business & Decision Life Sciences
11:15 Short Break
11:20 WHODrug coding challenges, Damon Fahimi and Marilina Castellano, UMC
11:50 Open Q&A session and closure of the meeting, Damon Fahimi and Marilina Castellano, UMC
*Times are indicative and might be subject to changes


MedDRA User Group webinar

When: 1 April 14:00 CEST/ 08:00 U.S. EDT to 15:30 CEST/ 9:30 EDT

Register on the MedDRA MSSO web


Introduction and MedDRA Update, Pat Revelle, MSSO
Use of MSSO tools during MedDRA Reversioning, Martin Menke, CSL Behring
SNOMED-CT - MedDRA Mapping use case, Shelia Elz, Bayer

Shanghai, China

What: WHODrug User Group meeting 
When: May 18, 2020 
Where: Shanghai, China


The meeting scheduled for 18 May 2020 in Shanghai is cancelled and it will be postponed to a date that will be announced at a  later stage.




Washington DC, USA

What: WHODrug User Group meeting 
When: June 19, 2020 
Where:  Washington PlazaWashington DC, USA

If you are attending the DIA meeting (June 14-18) in Washington DC, there is only one good way to end your week: by joining our WHODrug User Group meeting on June 19 and the MedDRA User Group just the day before (June 18).

Last day for registration is June 5, 2020.

Register at the User Area

Preliminary agenda

Apply to be a speaker at the conference



What: Industry WHODrug User Group meeting 
When: Late September 2020 
Where: USA

Every year UMC encourages members from the industry community to take and lead and plan a User Group meeting; If you would like to apply to host the meeting, please get in touch via WHODrug@who-umc.org


Tokyo, Japan

What: WHODrug User Group meeting 
When: Fall, 2020 
Where: Tokyo, Japan

The spring Japanese User Group meeting has been postponed to fall of 2020 to ensure our WHODrug users the best possible experience.

We will communicate the conference date as soon as available.

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