WHODrug Cross Reference ATC 5

European Medicines Agency (EMA) requirements may be complied with by efficient automation of the ATC 5th level assignment.

To comply with European Medicines Agency (EMA) requirements, WHODrug Cross Reference (CR) ATC 5 may be used for efficient assignment of the ATC 5th level codes.

WHODrug CR ATC 5 consists of a mapping table between the WHODrug codes and ATC 5th level codes. The product delivers the ATC level 5 code corresponding to the WHO Drug code and also indicates where no fifth level ATC code is assigned.

Please note- This is not a stand-alone product, and is available only with a subscription to WHODrug Global

For more information please contact us at WHODrug@who-umc.org.

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Last modified on: January 17, 2017