WHODrug Software Certification Programme

The WHODrug Software Certification Programme enables developers to create software systems which are fully compatible with WHODrug, thereby ensuring seamless compatibility for end users. To obtain a certification within the programme, software suppliers are required to demonstrate that their system displays the WHODrug data at its full strength.

What’s in it for the software system supplier?

Suppliers of a certified software system have several exclusive benefits, such as:

What’s in it for the WHODrug user?

By using a certified WHODrug software system, users of WHODrug can be sure the software provider has received WHODrug training and the system is validated to display WHODrug data correctly.

Enroll in the WHODrug Software Certification Programme

To enroll in the WHODrug Software Certification Programme, please contact us at: WHODrug@who-umc.org. By enrolling in the WHODrug Software Certification Programme, you will receive more information needed for the certification process, e.g. requirement specifications, a sample dataset to implement in your system, free WHODrug online training as well as access to designated WHODrug support.


Last modified on: February 15, 2019