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Making medicines safer for patients

Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is an independent centre for drug safety and scientific research working for a world where the safe and effective use of medicines is commonplace.

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Protecting patients from harm

We collect and analyse data from most countries around the world to make sure appropriate standards and systems are in place to prevent unnecessary harm to patients.

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Leading the way in drug safety

UMC pushes the boundaries of pharmacovigilance to explore the benefits and risks of medicines to help patients and clinicians make wise therapeutic decisions.

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WHODrug Global

The world’s most widely consulted drug dictionary is used by the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities to monitor the safety of medicines throughout their life cycle. 

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Working for a better world

In our role as a WHO Collaborating Centre, we provide training, guidance and support to countries in the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring. We also manage VigiBase, WHOs database of individual case safety reports and the world’s largest repository of adverse effects from medicines.

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*This map is an approximation of actual country borders.