Scientifically and financially independent

UMC works closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) and runs the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring, but is organisationally and financially independent.


The operations of UMC as a WHO Collaborating Centre are governed by an agreement between WHO headquarters and the Swedish government. There is an international board to which WHO and the Swedish government each appoints three members. The CEO of UMC reports to the board.

Since May 2019, the board has been chaired by Dr Filippa Nyberg, Chief Medical Officer, Karolinska University Hospital, Associate Professor, Karolinska Institute.

A Strategic Executive Team of senior managers guides the work of UMC on a day-to-day basis.


UMC is independent and self-funded. We finance our operations by selling pharmacovigilance products and services to a range of external bodies, ensuring intellectual and scientific independence, sustainability, and freedom to pursue our vision. We do not receive other funding from external sources, except for specific project grants.

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Last modified on: March 24, 2021