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We are ambitious not only to support pharmacovigilance professionals around the world, but also to spread the message of safer use of medicines as widely as possible. Our education, training and communications activities cover an extensive field of activity. These pages examine our education and training programme for professionals, while Communication in pharmacovigilance examines important related issues.

Together with UMC's experienced staff, experts from around the world, academic partners and others all offer a wide range of programmes and resources; they cover almost all technical topics and skills related to best practice in pharmacovigilance, as well as essential studies in communications, crisis management and much more. These help new and established staff develop their professional practice in many settings, especially in national pharmacovigilance centres.

There are hands-on and web-based courses, webinars, videos, user-group meetings and publications. The popular annual courses are held in Uppsala, Sweden and in India for the Asia-Pacific region.

International training courses

UMC organises two two-week pharmacovigilance training courses each year – in Uppsala, Sweden, and the Asia Pacific course, in India.

21st international pharmacovigilance training course

Date: 13-24 May 2019

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

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5th Asia Pacific course

Date: 4-15 March 2019 
Location: Delhi, India

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Online Courses

UMC has developed a new online course on signal detection and causality assessment. Each lesson is short, concise and connected to a clear learning objective. 

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ISoP–UMC Training

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance and UMC collaborate in providing training in Asia and Latin America.

The seventh pharmacovigilance training course jointly organised by ISoP and UMC will take place on 20-21 September 2019 in Shenzhen, China.

ISoP-UMC course

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Uppsala University–UMC web courses

Uppsala University offers two online distance-learning courses in pharmacovigilance each semester, in collaboration with Uppsala Monitoring Centre. The courses are given in the following order each semester.

Preclinical Safety Assessment and Pharmacovigilance

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

These provide 7,5 credits within the Swedish university qualification system.

WHODrug Training

Users of WHODrug can access a range of training and webinars, as well as User Group meetings in several regions of the world.

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Global event calendar

View a global event calendar containing pharmacovigilance conferences and courses coming up around the world.

Global event calendar

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