Supporting national and regional pharmacovigilance and vaccine surveillance processes.

Easing the burden of data management

VigiFlow is a management system for recording, processing and sharing reports of adverse effects

VigiFlow supports the domestic collection and processing of individual case safety report (ICSR) data, and its sharing of reports with for example VigiBase. It permits maximum local control and provides effective means for management review and analysis of national data.

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Vaccine surveillance in VigiFlow

VigiFlow is evolving to provide more efficient reporting of adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) and better meet the needs of vaccine safety surveillance.

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Using VigiFlow for COVID-19 treatments

UMC provides general guidance on what and how to capture adverse event reports for COVID-19 treatments. 

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VigiFlow training materials

Get the latest training guides and videos created by the UMC in different languages to learn about all the functionalities of VigiFlow.

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Documents and News

Get into the details of VigiFlow by reading the technical material.

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VigiLyze is the search and analysis tool used to retrieve global ICSR data from VigiBase.

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Other useful resources for WHO programme members