The UMC’s job is to help member countries do their important work: here are some of the practical resources available

Guardians of global safety data

Member countries of the WHO Programme entrust their case safety reports to UMC, knowing that they will contribute to the global effort to prevent patients suffering harm from their medicines.

VigiBase is at the heart of UMCs signal detection and scientific research. Read more about VigiBase in the FAQs.

Other professionals who wish to use the data for similar purposes can apply for access, please contact us for more information. 

There are several practical resources that support research and analysis of data in VigiBase; VigiLyze is the most important of these. Access to more detailed information is available from the links on this page. Any release of data from VigiBase is accompanied by a caveat document that describes the nature and limitations of the data.

Read caveat document Read the Study Guideline

Public access to overview statistics from VigiBase can be gained through the VigiAccess website. VigiAccess has a search interface that allows visitors to retrieve summary statistics on suspected adverse reactions to medicines and vaccines.  

VigiBase Custom Searches

For professional colleagues, UMC offers custom searches of VigiBase data. Let us know the purpose of your request and your search criteria, and we will help you find the information or the solution. A consultancy fee is charged for the service, which is waived for WHO Programme members.

More about custom searches

VigiBase Extract Case Level

VigiBase Extract Case Level enables use of the public VigiBase information as a background for signal detection in third party software. It also includes important demographics to enable subgroup analysis, but is anonymised and limited in case details to take account of privacy concerns.

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The WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology has served as a major tool for coding adverse reaction terms covering most medical terms needed in adverse reaction reporting.

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VigiAccess is a publicly searchable website with summary statistics from VigiBase. Visitors can go to VigiAccess to find out if VigiBase contains reports of suspected adverse effects for a specific medicine or substance.

Geographically, only continent-level statistics are shown, due to issues relating to patient confidentiality and data protection in individual countries.

Visit VigiAccess web site