What is WHO-ART?

The WHO Adverse Reaction* Terminology is an adverse reaction terminology developed and maintained by UMC during the past thirty years. WHO-ART has served as the major tool for coding adverse reaction terms covering most medical terms needed in adverse reaction reporting. Until 2008, when MedDRA was implemented, WHO-ART was the only available terminology for coding adverse drug reactions in VigiBase.

Although WHO-ART is no longer actively maintained, it is still possible for its use to be supported for those countries who need it.

UMC is actively seeking collaboration with the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) and MSSO (the maintenance organisation for MedDRA), towards having one global standard terminology solution that fulfils the needs of pharmacovigilance stakeholders.

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* Modern terminology increasingly uses adverse effect, reserving adverse (drug) reaction for the late stages of analysis when there is less uncertainty about the character and causality of a drug-adverse effect combination.

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Last modified on: January 9, 2017