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By putting a lot of effort into coding and structuring the VigiBase information, UMC makes it possible to search and analyse the data statistically. VigiLyze is an online resource that delivers useful search and analysis functions and provides a quick and clear overview of VigiBase.

VigiLyze is available free of charge to national pharmacovigilance centres in all member countries of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring.  Under-reporting is a known issue in pharmacovigilance. By sharing a small number of national reports of adverse events to the global database, individual countries can help increase all countries' understanding of possible safety concerns.

VigiLyze is used to provide a global, regional or national view of the suspected adverse effects of a medicine. Use it also to find supporting evidence when, for example, assessing one country’s case reports. Access to safety information on drugs that are marketed elsewhere but are not yet on the national market is another benefit.

Search for information related to COVID-19 treatments in VigiLyze

UMC has created a guidance on how to find adverse event reports linked to COVID-19 treatments in VigiLyze.

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Through the search and analysis tool VigiLyze, you have access to more than 20 million ICSRs in VigiBase, submitted by over 130 countries. Results from VigiLyze are generated instantly in tabular and graphical formats.

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VigiLyze is web-based, accessible and user-friendly – even for first-time users – and it provides an instant graphical overview of global data. All Standardized MedDRA Queries (SMQs) are available to support national centres’ work during the intensive monitoring phase for new drugs.

The Data mining view shows if combinations are reported more frequently than expected and assessors can save searches to follow drugs within their areas of expertise or responsibility, to keep an eye on emerging safety issues.

VigiLyze is particularly valuable when there is limited domestic data and can provide arguments for the importance of pharmacovigilance with information about the performance of other countries.

When a pharmaceutical company seeks a new registration for a drug that has been marketed elsewhere, VigiLyze can provide insight in post-marketing experiences from other countries.

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