License Validation Service

WHODrug License Validation is a mandatory procedure that confirms the WHODrug license status of an intended collaborating partner.

An organisation is not allowed to provide a partner organisation with WHODrug data or parts thereof before UMC has confirmed the existence of a valid license. WHODrug users are invited to use UMC’s web-based License Validation service for instant validation of the WHODrug licenses of collaborating partners.

Key functionalities

The WHODrug License Validation Service requires the UMC License number to validate the WHODrug license of collaborating partners. Your own organisation UMC License number is available in the WHODrug Licence validation service, in your personal Account details available at the UMC website User area drop-down menu and on your WHODrug invoice.

How to use

Watch our video tutorial below to learn in detail how to access the web-based service, where to find the UMC License number, how to validate both single and multiple WHODrug Licenses, and more.

How to access

WHODrug License Validation Service is accessible both through the link below and the WHODrug tool box and replaces the previous license validation request form. Use your personal UMC username and password to access the service and contact us if you need assistance.

License Validation Service

Last modified on: September 14, 2020