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Our unique and trusted WHODrug portfolio – developed for you and with you.

A safer medicine life cycle

Uppsala Monitoring Centre's standardised data has been designed to reduce patient risks in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance sciences and help you develop safer medicines.

The WHODrug portfolio of trusted and unique products increases patient safety by guaranteeing the effective and efficient identification of medicines. By using WHODrug Global, you will get a better understanding of patient profiles and improve analysis of underlying treatments and safety concerns.

As a non-profit foundation, UMC uses the income generated by sales of WHODrug portfolio products to support and develop pharmacovigilance around the world.

Subscriptions to WHODrug Global are available to wide variety of organisations. Please see the subscription page for more information.


WHODrug Global

WHODrug Global is the world’s foremost source of Medicinal Product Information.

To make the best use of WHODrug standardised data, the dictionary is provided together with WHODrug SDGs, WHODrug Insight, WHODrug CAT and WHODrug Change Request.




WHODrug Subscription

Here you can read an overview of the subscription process, learn about whom subscriptions are available to and how to subscribe.

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