WHODrug Global

WHODrug Global, developed and maintained by Uppsala Monitoring Centre, is the most comprehensive and actively used drug reference dictionary in the world.

Unique coding system and range of analytical tools

WHODrug Global is a subscription-based license which provides access to the products WHODrug Enhanced and Herbal, WHODrug SDGs and the analytical tools WHODrug Insight and WHODrug CAT. 

The value

WHODrug Global users can code conventional and herbal concomitant medication, analyse and understand the resulting data more effectively, and accelerate submissions to regulatory authorities.

Uppsala Monitoring Centre's standardised data has been designed to facilitate the identification of drug-related problems in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance sciences, thereby helping you to develop safer medicines.

When recommending WHODrug Global, regulatory agencies around the world, (Including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) in Japan) emphasise the importance of submitting drug data in a standardised format as well as the value of using a common dictionary and exact terminology across clinical trials and while monitoring medicine safety.

For more information please contact us at WHODrug@who-umc.org.

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Last modified on: January 13, 2017