WHODrug Global

Available in English and Chinese, WHODrug Global has evolved to become the most comprehensive and actively used drug reference dictionary in the world.

Standardised Drug Information

WHODrug Global is the international reference for medicinal product information. With its unique hierarchical drug-code system and extensive coverage, it provides a consistent drug dictionary with exact terminology when coding concomitant medications.

The dictionary is used to identify drug names and evaluate medicinal product information, including active ingredients and products’ Anatomical and Therapeutic classifications, from more than 140 countries.

WHODrug data covers both conventional medicines and herbal remedies. The conventional medicines include prescription-only products, over-the-counter (OTC) and pharmacist-dispensed preparations, as well as biotech and blood products, diagnostic substances and contrast media. Products and substances registered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are also routinely recorded.  

Benefits of WHODrug Global

Uppsala Monitoring Centre's standardised data has been designed to facilitate the identification of drug-related problems in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance, thereby helping you to develop safer medicines. This is because using WHODrug to code data facilitates more effective analysis, resulting in accelerated submissions to regulatory authorities.

WHODrug Global is also an indispensable source when interpreting and evaluating drug safety issues in VigiBase , the WHO Global Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) database of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The use of WHODrug Global facilitates identification and data aggregation at different levels of precision to ensure effective and accurate signal analysis.

When recommending WHODrug Global, regulatory agencies around the world (including the FDA in USA and the PMDA in Japan) emphasise the importance of submitting drug data in a standardised format, as well as the value of using a common dictionary and exact terminology across clinical trials and while monitoring medicine safety.

WHODrug Global Chinese

WHODrug Global Chinese provides standardised and quality assured information for coding directly in Chinese. 

It also simplifies the regulatory approval process both inside and outside China with instant translations of English and Chinese drug information.

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Make the most of WHODrug data

A WHODrug Global subscription also provides access to the WHODrug Standardised Drug Groupings (WHODrug SDGs) and the analytical tools WHODrug Insight and WHODrug CAT.

For more information please contact us at WHODrug@who-umc.org .

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Last modified on: June 10, 2019